Rugby is better than american football

10 reasons why being a rugby supporter is better than being a football supporter better songs, fiercer rivalry, less cynicism and a refreshing honesty about its middle-class credentials - rugby beats football every time, says andrew lowry. The claims by some in rugby that it is safer than football are based on the fact that, by rule -- called “laws” in rugby -- the sport prohibits hitting the head during tackling or using the head to tackle players are supposed to use a “wrap” technique with the arms to bring down an opponent. Lola’s view: american football 0, rugby 1 in rugby, the game stops for no man if you’re not springing back up and shaking it off after a few minutes, we only stop to roll you off the field and pull in a substitute criterion 5: plays and names chrystine’s view: american football 1, rugby 0 hail mary statue of liberty spiritual and patriotic blitz. Home / american football / 9 differences between rugby and the nfl 9 differences between rugby and the nfl american football or the major competition. By: vivien veil the first game i ever played in rugby, after two minutes, i was begging the coach to take me out - leonard peters, former nfl player i've been living in the uk for a long time now, and just last month i realised that rugby isn't such a boring sport. Rugby vs the nfl posted rugby for life for embarrassing american as name that american rugby is racist never played high school football rugby way he plays. Reasons why football is better than rugby discussion in 'football forum' started by ciderman9000000, oct 16, 2007. Rugby is comparatively older than american football, perhaps almost a century older many sports historians believe that american football was evolved from rugby.

Football trumps rugby footbal has more money , more fame and is definitely more exciting, as you can hit harder and there are less rules , also who doesent know at least, about the the super bowl, the rugby world cup is miles behind it therefore american football is better than rugby, lol. Fraser masefield asseses the differences and surprising similarities between rugby and american football plus, which one is really tougher. As concussions have become the story du jour in sports, rugby players across the us have uttered a collective no kidding that football n. While playing american football in the uk i haven't had anyone say to my face that rugby players are tougher than football players but a quick browse on the web will quickly find people that think that way.

Rugby vs football according to the american association of neurological surgeons why is football so much more dangerous than rugby. American football easy in rugby everybody is in equal position to get hit in football, the quarterback could get blind sided by a 350 pound defensive end, or a receiver leaps up in the air exposing his whole body to get brutalized plus rugby players are european, not that big, athletic yes but not physically intimidating. Gridiron football is better than rugby football football is better than rugby football as you'll see rugby and american football place an even 9th on the.

The great comparison rages on between american football vs rugby it really depends on which side of the pond you live on as to which sport is “your sport” if you grew up on american football you are a fan, period. Europeans resisting or simply ignoring american football is not proof positive that it is a “lesser” sport than rugby i would contend that american football does not overly appeal to europeans / commonwealth nations because you have had decades, even centuries, of developing your club and professional sports, like rugby and football (soccer. Rugby is better than american football topics: american football, football, rugby football pages: 3 (987 words) published: june 12.

Rugby is better than american football

For anyone stumbling into this cold, this topic was split from the terrorists/freedom fighters thread (which is why it opens with a quote and people referen. Almost every person i've ever known who played rugby has thought that rugby is safer than american football i've often taken their word for it. 9 reasons rugby is a better sport than football rugby is a sport beloved by thousands of scots picture: ian rutherford david gunn.

  • Which is a tougher sport, rugby or american football update worst injuries that have happened in both sports than read my post rugby vs american football.
  • Many rugby people like to bring up the fact that rugby is better because american football uses pads, so they're a bunch of well that would be a valid point if the argument were which is show more just disproving one point made against american football, and how rugby is better.
  • American football players have long been known for their elaborate scoring celebrations which put their bland rugby counterparts to shame case in point: (personal favourite: number 6 – the forrest gump.
  • Football is hard to learn it makes ouchies in my brain b’s analogy is between if one likes chess (football) or a “free-flowing spontaneous game like checkers” (rugby) chess is better than checkers fact.

This would be better if you asked it to people who had neither rugby or af as the dominant sport (ie most of the world) i'll be honest american football is a tv game (ie it is mor fun to watch on the tv than in the stadium) having been to an nfl game in new york another thing is that consecutive pl. Next year wembley stadium will host two rugby world cup fixtures, but this month it will stage one of three nfl international series 2014 games so with the. 10 reasons why american football is better than on “ 10 reasons why american football is better a sport to compare with american football it’s rugby. Rugby in conclusion, rugby vs american football which is the tougher sport rugby is more dangerous than football if you can handle, more tackling, lots of running, and less. Rugby is better then football rugby is the original, football is a cheap copy rugby has much more skill involved and i have never seen a fat man playing catch in rugby, even the larger players have to have a high level of fitness.

rugby is better than american football 10 reasons why rugby is better than american football gone are the adverts, the lengthy breaks, the protective helmets and padding. rugby is better than american football 10 reasons why rugby is better than american football gone are the adverts, the lengthy breaks, the protective helmets and padding.
Rugby is better than american football
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